article marketing 6 top mistakes to avoid in order to succeed

Copying others work. I know, copying other articles that are published online is much easier and way faster compare to writing brand new ones. But this is something that is not acceptable in the field of article marketing. Directories will reject your articles in a heartbeat even if just a part of them was copied from online resources. Learn how to write your very own articles. Doing this is simple. Just share a slice of your in-depth knowledge using conversational tone. You don’t need to make them too long. 400-600 words is acceptable. If you don’t have the time to write, then get ghostwriters to do the legwork for you.
Using too many keywords. Even if you’re very desperate to get your articles listed on top of search page results, you must not resort to overloading your articles with too many keywords. Just like content duplication or plagiarism, this is also something that publishers will not tolerate. If they’re convinced that you’re a keyword abuser, they’ll reject your articles. You don’t want that to happen, right?
Using few directories. As you’re going up against a lot of article marketers, it’s important that you give your readers as much exposure as possible. One way to do that is by distributing them to all top directories and even to relevant blogs. By doing so, you can make them much easier to find online. In addition, doing this will help you build more links for your website and will help you reach out to more people.
Offering the same old information. Put yourself into the shoes of your readers; would you read an article that contains the same old information? Well, I wouldn’t. So, strive to give your readers something fresh each time you write. Gather the latest information related to your niche by checking out relevant RSS feeds and by interviewing experts.